Month: March 2018

How to Control Really Thin Hair

There is a multitude of reasons as to why the loss or thinning of hair will occur. Things like medication and hereditary traits cause really thin hair, but this can all be countered or masked with a few simple tips.

Products that are designed to add volume is a perfect remedy. They are different than normal brand products, since they don’t contain things that will weigh your hair down, but instead will help support the follicles.

Fine hair is more prone to getting dirtier on a daily basis. Therefore it is very important to always shampoo and use a volumizing conditioner every shower opportunity. When the hair gets dirty, it becomes heavy and brittle, making it more prone to break off.

Avoid using harmful tools such as curling irons and flat irons. Putting heat to thin hair can cause a lot of damage and cause the hair to be weak. With a limited amount of scalp abuse, it will begin to grow back and flourish on the head. If the hair can stay moisturized and unharmed, it will be able to survive on a scalp much longer.

A diet can directly effect how healthy hair is. There are certain vitamins, mainly A, B, C and E, that can really promote growth. Along with a healthy diet, casual physical interaction with your scalp is also recommended. Certain oils, even olive oil, that are applied and then massaged into the scalp can really make a scalp happy.

The most fun and effective way to remedy really thin hair is to find a customized, suitable hair style. Salons are the best place to search out help for a way to hide hair thinness and extenuate the positive aspects.

Of course, just like everything else in life, a stress-free and exercise-filled life is the healthiest of all. Smoking also constricts blood vessels movement to the scalp, which hinders the health of the hair. There are many benefits to quitting, and this is but just one. Not only will this promote a more full head of thick hair, but also a healthier lifestyle overall.

There are many natural and even fun ways to remedy the plague that is thin hair. It does not have to be a curse, and there will always be something else to try, even if everything else before it did not work. The most important thing to remember is to always stay positive, and always be confident in your ability to take control.

Let Healthy Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine Be Your Food – Get Healthy By Eating

The headlines in the news about health issues are disturbing these days. Recalls on pharmaceutical prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs; stories about cough medicine for children no longer being considered safe. You hear about eggs and other foods being recalled. We’re hearing more and more about antibiotic resistance and superbugs like MRSA. We have been bombarded with scary stories about swine flu and urged to get flu shots. New guidelines are being created for school lunches because we have an obesity epidemic.

If you read the news too much you could get seriously depressed. The news often seems to play on our fears and focus on the negative. Something else that I find unsettling is that stories on TV news programs are presented as news reports when they are actually promoting a prescription drug or medicine. Is it news or is it another commercial? The lines are getting blurred. And speaking of commercials, every other commercial is for a drug. I can’t help but laugh when they start the disclaimers, saying the drug may cause everything from seizures to death. Are you kidding me? I would have to be pretty desperate to take that drug.

Actually, I am currently not on any medication and I avoid over-the-counter meds, doctors and hospitals. They have a tendency to make you sick. I’m not kidding. My lifestyle is serving me very well in matters of health. I’m convinced that eating fresh healthy foods, and staying as far from drugs and medicines, fast food and processed foods as I can is keeping me very healthy. I live a very busy life but I don’t have any real exercise routine. When the snow is not covering the sidewalks, my husband and I like to go for walks. So I’m not perfect. I could lose 5 or 10 pounds and exercise more. But my belief is that you can build up your immune system by eating healthy food and go even further to cure many ailments by helping your body with nutrition.

Your body is powerful if you feed it properly. It cannot work well on bad food. Food can cleanse your body and give it everything it needs to fight and kill almost any harmful germs it comes into contact with. Germs are not the problem. Your immune system is. Strengthen your immune system and it will keep you healthy. Drugs usually weaken your immune system, which is your body’s best asset.

How Injuries Accelerate Aging

The thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to leave their mark in memory. Memory largely guides our behaviors in life, doesn’t it? Our ability to move skillfully depends on our memory of how to do skillful movements, doesn’t it? So, the memory of injuries, particularly cumulative injuries, has a lot to do with how we retain or lose our agility and physical prowess.

The rise and fall of tension and relaxation correspond to our responses to circumstances and also to our memories and imaginings. The impressions of life leave their mark on us as tensions that ebb and flow, but largely accumulate through a lifetime until one day we may suddenly realize we don’t have the energy we once did, that we are tired and feel old. Many believe the pain and stiffness of aging is permanent – when it is often reversible.

Muscular tension ages us even more than osteoporosis or other medical conditions. Muscular tension makes us shorter, or pulls us to one side in the limp of injury, or forward in the stoop of aging or into the swayback of endless effort and pride. It compresses joints, makes us stiff, makes us achy, makes movement laborious, uses up our energy.

Life leaves its marks on us – and as much as we seek to overcome them, we also cherish them as a signs of worldliness or badges of courage.

Consider: many consider the wisdom of age to be knowledge about life – which means the knowledge of what to look out for, how to act, how to react, a state of readiness for life. It’s based on memory, not just at the mental or emotional level, but also at the level of the body.

Every stressor causes us to cringe, to tense, involuntarily, in readiness to protect ourselves from further stress, insult or injury. That state of readiness is a heightened state of tension, not a state of innocent openness. Feel the stiffness of middle age or see the stoop of old age and you see that tension dragging someone down until, in fear of falling, they stoop further forward to decrease the distance of a feared fall and so become even more prone to falling. And, in nature, that final fall is down into death.

“The thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to” accumulate as nervous tension, changes of movement, and self-limitation. The term, “nervous tension,” has to do with more than psychology; it also has to do with the sales of pain medications and with the aches and pains of aging.

These shocks need not accumulate. Aging need not be what it commonly is. All memories outlive their usefulness, sooner or later. Many, sooner. Every injury you have had, every stress period, contributes to your physical aging. You can prevent the accumulation of injuries and stress from overcoming you by grooming yourself of their effects – something best done on a regular basis.

A way exists, through somatic education a new discipline in the field of health care. Most people have what, in real estate, is called, “deferred maintenance” – the accumulation of unrepairable wear and tear. That wear and tear must first be repaired before self-maintenance is meaningful.

So, with most people, the procedures of somatic education first do the deferred maintenance, the “repairs” you need, then teach you how to maintain yourself in good condition. If you eliminate the accumulated effects of the thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to, you can recover the vitality, freedom, and pleasure in movement that you had when you were younger, that you see most in children at play and young adults.

You’ll never be a child, again, but you can recover the natural pleasure of free movement, of a vital life.
Aging can take a different course, with you, a graceful one.

Healthy Choices That Last a Lifetime

Healthy choices are becoming more popular as the baby boomer generation enter their senior years. Advances in the medical arena have increased overall longevity. Boomers are not settling for just getting older. They want to be healthy and able to enjoy life in their golden years. Lifestyle changes are taking the place of a lifetime of indulgence and boomers are making healthy choices.

The medical community is putting greater emphasis on health and wellness. More medical research is being done on the process of health. Studies in nutrition and nutritional products is revealing more and more benefits that nutraceuticals bring into our life. Daily vitamins and minerals are being recommended to maintain our bodies at optimal health.

Exercise on a regular basis plays a big role on healthy aging. Regular exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy weight. Studies into the effects of exercise on the body are finding some unexpected benefits. The findings of a recent study about exercise and aging concluded that even light exercise practiced on a consistent basis can improve memory and concentration.

Prevention and natural healing is growing in popularity. After all, it is much easier to prevent disease than it is to try and treat it. Research is proving that the natural and home remedies of yesteryear actually work. Evidence and scientific studies is responsible for the development of some very powerful natural products.

Evidence is growing about the health properties that is inherent in most of the foods we eat. We have known for many years that certain foods we eat Organic farming and natural products go hand in hand. Companies are starting to build up their arsenal of health promoting products that allows people to make healthy choices.