Defeat the Signs of Aging

Assuming that everyone leaves their home, it becomes inevitable that we will on a daily basis become exposed to unavoidable environmental factors which can cause premature aging of the skin Many of the same environmental insults that cause medical skin conditions also contribute towards the over all appearance of the skin with respect to aging. Over time, the aging process destroys the natural supplies of Hyaluronic Acid, causing skin to dry and wrinkle. The question then becomes what can we do to slow down the appearance of the skins aging process and how can we prevent further signs of aging from occurring.


Aging brings with it the realization that their skin will no longer have that youthful appearance. By reducing oxidative stress, restoring moisture, repairing signs of photoaging, and promoting healthy supportive tissues, these topical agents can literally turn back the clock on skin aging. There are many anti-aging skin care treatments, techniques and of course products available today to help you diminish the appearance of wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles and age related facial.

Anti-aging skin products cannot produce a 100% reversal of wrinkles, but using certain treatments will greatly improve your skin’s appearance. To help aging baby boomers actively restore the youthful look of their skin researchers have developed powerful new ingredients that take the science of skin care to a new level. If you have deeper wrinkles that you would like to minimize, there are many other treatments to consider.


With multiple treatments fine lines and wrinkles, scars, pore size, and skin changes can be improved. There are cleansers, toners, serums, creams and treatments for every imaginable skin care concern. There are antibiotic treatments, which affect the skin from the inside, that she prescribes in cases of problem skin though treatment is usually the first step. Oxygen treatments have found themselves increasingly popular across many countries.

The Oxygen Facials

The oxygen facial has been steadily growing in popularity since it was discovered that combining oxygen with certain anti-aging ingredients enhances cosmetic results. Anti-aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin and reduce wrinkles. This treatment increases cellular respiration, enhances micro-circulation, fights premature aging, and it brings you a blissful sense of calm. Oxygen facials and oxygen skin care born from the anti-ageing medicine. By treating the skin with pure oxygen, you are restoring the nourishing elements that are not available in our environment as we know it.

Non invasive skin therapy treatments are now the right answer to people looking to keep healty and prevent skin ageing. Oxygen facials are designed to improve the appearance of your skin by renewing skin cells and fighting the bacteria that causes acne. Oxygen facials may also help reduce fine lines as well as protect skin from sun damage and everyday stress. Oxygen facials are also used to treat burns and redness in the skin As a result, your skin looks and feels firmer for a couple of days. Pure oxygen facials are the next big thing with celebrities such as Madonna, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss already reportedly converted to the new way to combat wrinkles and let your skin breath.

Please remember, preserving youthful skin is much easier than trying to repair skin that has been abused for years. Maintaining a beautiful, healthy and youthful skin is therefore very important, especially for women and girls. Skin care today is a very exact science providing us with a wide selection of treatments and supplements to counteract and slow down the aging process. The key to prolonged youthful skin is prevention, prevention, prevention.

Heart Healthy Eating Without Maligning the Saltshaker

If you are like most of us who made the commitment to getting on and staying on the road to improved heart health in 2013, you are probably worried about the dietary roadblocks and detours that may lie ahead. Although the road to heart healthy eating may have a few bumps it is not paved with salt free restrictions that disallow the enjoyment of food. Salt is a seasoning that most of us love, and often take for granted. However, we generally don’t miss it until it’s left out of our favorite foods. Most of us can’t imagine enjoying food without salt. When salt gets wet and then dries, nothing is left but a tasteless residue. The ancients realized that when salt lost its taste it was of no use in food preparation, as the biblical text tells us “Salt is good for seasoning. But if salt loses its flavor, how do you make it salty again?” Can you enjoy food using less salt or in some cases without salt? Is it possible for you to prepare and eat food without seeing the salt pour out of the shaker like a Midwestern snow storm?

Since knowing why makes knowing what a lot easier, you need to understand that Sodium chloride (salt) is essential to the body. Medical scientists tell us that the sodium in salt helps transmit nerve impulses and contract muscle fibers, and balances fluid levels in the body by working with potassium. Only a very small amount of salt is needed to do this. For most people their body is designed to generally rid itself of excess sodium, but for some people consuming extra sodium makes their body hold onto water. This increase in the amount of fluid flowing through blood vessels can increase their blood pressure. This increase in blood pressure puts their body at risk for stroke and other serious heart health problems. The official guidelines for Americans with hypertension limit sodium intake to 1,500 milligrams a day or less. For individuals who do not have high blood pressure the U.S. guidelines call for a total daily consumption of less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium which is about 1 teaspoon of table salt. The average American consumes 3,400 milligrams per day which is well over the recommended limit.

We’ve all heard someone say that the journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step. The saying is true, and most of us need to take more steps toward heart healthy salt reduction. Start taking your first intentional steps now. Since more than enough sodium comes from your salt shaker let us take a look at some easy ways to effectively reduce your daily sodium intake. Use dried or fresh herbs, and roots such as ginger, or garlic to instantly transform your dish from dull to delicious. Wake up your taste buds with a mixture of fresh hot and sweet peppers. You can also add citrus, vinegar (such as balsamic) or wine to that special dish to have you a lip smacking experience with less sodium. Some chefs recommend that you sauté or pan sear foods to build flavor and others recommend roasting to bring out the natural sweetness of many vegetables. Searing and sautéing also enriches the taste of fish and poultry. If you prefer to steam or microwave your dishes, jazz them up with a drizzle of flavorful oil and a squeeze of citrus. Raise the taste of these dishes to the next level by topping them off with some sweet or tangy herbs. Use these suggestions as you travel the road of good tasting heart healthy food with less sodium. The possibilities are limitless.

Living With Hepatitis – Part Two in This Series

If you’ve just found out or if you’ve known for a while that you have Hepatitis C or HCV as it is sometimes referred to; you may be wondering if you should treat it and if so, how. You may understandably have some questions. Some of the main questions I know I had follows. Is there an easier way than the “Standard of Care” that involves taking a injection every 4-5 days? Can I avoid the horrible side effects I’ve heard about with the treatment? I’m asymptomatic; Should I even treat my Hepatitis C? I will try to answer some of these in this article.

The decision to treat is a personal one. Only you can answer that with your Doctor’s input. The “Standard of Care” that most Doctors recommend is the drug called pegylated interferon alpha (Pegasys, PEG-Intron). This drug is often combined with an antiviral drug called ribavirin (Viral). Interferon alpha (Intron A): Interferon is a protein that the body makes naturally in response to viral infections in order to fight the infection. Pegylation describes a chemical process that makes the interferon last longer in the body. The Interferon alpha is the one you take by injection. These two drugs have a lot of side effects that aren’t very easy to live with. Especially since you usually take this treatment for at least 24 weeks, and some doctors even recommend it for 48 weeks. Vomiting, diarrhea, and depression are only the tip of the side effects mountain.

It is well-known that pegylated interferon plus ribavirin can induce or exacerbate depressive symptoms that can affect whether you stick with the treatment or decide to discontinue treatment early and ultimately lower treatment outcomes. If you suffer from depression and decide to do the medically “approved” treatment, please make sure you are followed closely for your depression. Even in people without depression at the start of treatment, usually end up needing to take an antidepressant drug.

Here are some of the many reasons for deciding not to treat:

* You are concerned that you might not be able to work.
* You’re worried by the potential side effects, particularly depression.
* You are bothered by the fact that the medication is given by self-injection.
* You distrust the pharmaceutical industry and their products.
* You’d rather try natural or alternative medicine.
* You’re afraid that treatment will be not be tolerable
* You are scared that the medication will harm, maim or kill.
* You’d rather wait for better HCV medications.
* You are unwilling to go through treatment without better odds of success.
* You feel well and don’t want to give that up for a year.
* Your liver has little or no fibrosis and waiting makes sense.

These are all good and okay reasons to not treat at this time. After all, you’ve probably have had the virus for years and didn’t even know it. But there are some things you should do if you decide NOT to treat;

  1. Don’t drink alcohol.
  2. Keep your weight under control.
  3. Eat a low fat, high-fiber diet. Include fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.
  4. Aim for 30 or more minutes of exercise every day. If you’re not sure about exercise, a simple place to start is tby walking 5 to 10 minutes a day and gradually increase your walking. Take the stairs instead of the elevators.
  5. Protect your liver from other viruses Get your flu vaccines, and the Hepatitis A & B vaccines if you haven’t already.
  6. Get regular check-ups. Your doctor will want regular labs to know if your viral load (the amount of antibodies in your blood) is going up or staying relatively stable.

If you decide to try to treat with an herbal remedy, you need to do your research. Many herbs are toxic to the liver. There are a lot of claims that this one is better than that one, but for your own safety, get advice from a doctor or professional who specializes in alternative medicine.

Some of the herbal/alternative products that I’ve researched ( asked an herbalist and others, for the best ones) and have found that they do claim to help to keep the viral load down are:

  • Liv-52,
  • Milk Thistle and,
  • Dandelion root.

But DO NOT take them all at the same time. Try one at a time to see which works best for you.

There are good and bad reasons to treat or not to treat. Ultimately, the final decision rest with you. Again, do your research, talk with your doctor, your family, and maybe even find a support group. Try to live a healty lifestyle with regards to your diet, and if you smoke, try to quit. Stay away from alcohol. Reduce stress, get plenty of rest. MOST IMPORTANT: Take Care Of YOURSELF. An important take home message from this article is the need for a solid support system before, during and after treatment. I hope this helps.

Benefits From Training During Pregnancy – Methods That Gets You In Shape

Remember those pre-pregnancy days when you’d rise early, dash to the gym, and finish, feeling more in control over the stresses of everyday life? Do you need to give that up from the moment your got pregnant. For most women – the answer is no. All you had to do is to adjust your exercise routine. So go ahead and join the millions of other women who sailed through their pregnancy staying healthy, strong, and invigorated through exercise.

If you exercise during pregnancy you will have stay healthier and there are a number of excellent reasons to exercise during pregnancy, including:

You will increase your self-esteem while lowering depression and anxiety levels.

You will maintain a steady, reasonable and normal weight gain.

You will reduce the pregnancy-associated discomforts like oedema, back pain etc.

You will lower the chance of having a caesarean.

You will recover quicker after giving birth.

You will lose weight faster after childbirth.

You will increase your energy levels.

You will have a better sleeping pattern.

For the mom with a healthy, normal pregnancy, exercise can be very safe. For those who have experienced pre-term labor, or had some obstetrical complications in this, or previous pregnancies, exercise may not be recommended. Pregnant women should not attempt a fitness program without consulting their doctor first. Only by taking a full medical history can your doctor recommend a routine that will be right for you and your baby.

Moms are often most comfortable, and have less injuries, when they follow a non-weight bearing exercise routine, such as swimming or cycling using a stationary bike.

It is very important that all pregnant women seek an okay from their doctor before joining a fitness program. When beginning an exercise program it is important to start slowly and gradually increase your activity level. Even if you have exercised regularly prior to pregnancy, you may find that you need to decrease your level of exercise. It is important that you listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, short of breath or very tired, reduce the intensity of your workout. If you get belly-pain contact your doctor.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate – Fact Or Fiction?

It’s hard to believe that the most loved food on the planet could actually be healthy for you. Did you know that the average American consumes about 12 pounds of chocolate a year. How could something so fattening and loaded with sugar actually be healthy for you?

History of Chocolate

Let’s start with a little history lesson to better inform you on how there could actually be some benefits of dark chocolate. Chocolate has a long history, dating back to around 600 AD when the Mayan Indians established cocoa plantations in the Yucatan region of Mexico. The Mayans and later the Aztecs created a chocolate drink called ‘xocoatl’ or ‘chocoatl’ which originated from cocoa beans taken from cocoa trees. This ‘chocoatl’ drink consisted of chocolate flavored with vanilla and spices and had the consistency of honey. Chocolate was only consumed in liquid form at this time.

The Dutching Process

When the Europeans were introduced to chocolate it was still in its purest form. This changed in the early 1800s when a Dutchman by the name of Coenrad Jahannes van Houten discovered that if you added alkali-potash to the beans before they were roasted it would neutralize the acid or bitter taste of the natural cocoa.
While there were some obvious benefits of the “dutching” process, the biggest problem was that because of that process the most important benefits of dark chocolate were being removed.

Chocolate in the Raw

One of the most important nutrients being eliminated during the “dutching” process was flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants found in raw fruits and vegetables that help to slow down the oxidation or aging process in our bodies. Therefore, the most healthy chocolate is raw or unalkalized.

What About the Fat?

Cocoa butter, like its name suggests, is the natural fat of the cocoa bean. For years it was believed that cocoa butter was a harmful ingredient found in commercial chocolate products. New research now shows that cocoa butter is actually a “neutral” fat, meaning that it does not increase blood-cholesterol levels.

Worried About Caffeine

Would you believe that natural chocolate has little or no caffeine. However, more and more manufactures are adding caffeine to their products, so check the label before buying.

Bitter is Best

To receive the benefits of dark chocolate, you must find it in its purest form. The typical processing of the cocoa bean kills at least half of the antioxidants found in the pure cocoa bean. Try to consume products that contain at least 70% pure cocoa powder.

Drink of the Gods

The Aztec Indians placed great importance on chocolate, believing that chocolate was consumed by the Gods in paradise and that the cocoa seed was brought to earth as a special blessing for the people by the God of the Air. The last Aztec emperor, Montezuma, reportedly drank only ‘chocoatl’. He was supposed to have drunk up to 50 goblets of chocolate a day.

Fact or Fiction

More and more research is being done on the health benefits of raw unprocessed cocoa. Searching for dark chocolate studies. The science is there ready to be discovered and what a great discovery it is. Doctors will soon be prescribing chocolate for all our ailments

Healthy Choices to Battle Obesity With Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy choices are the first step to creating lifestyle habits and a wellness experience. Everyone wants to look good and feel good. No one consciously chooses to be overweight or obese, yet, more than half the population of North America is battling weight gain and the related health problems that often accompany it. Being obese, on its own, seriously compromises human health and significantly increases the severity of many major diseases. With all the medical information available it should be easier to make healthy choices.

Obesity is a condition that sneaks up on you and develops slowly, over time, one pound at a time. It is easy to be in denial as you are slowly putting on extra pounds. After all, most people do not worry about a few extra pounds. Sooner or later though, those extra pounds cross that line into being overweight and then to being obese. At some point denial has to give way to the frustrating realization that you are much bigger than you want to be.

Everyone has the ability to make healthy choices. Obesity can be brought under control by making some lifestyle changes. Replacing poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise is the first step. Developing new habits requires dedication, commitment and a real desire to slim down.

Scientific studies are unraveling the secrets of the body. Understanding how the body functions at a cellular level and how it utilizes food or reacts to exercise is changing the way we perceive health. Genetic markers and genes discovered during studies on risk factors that affect diabetes have confirmed that people really do have fat genes and they can be inherited. The good news is a healthy lifestyle can offset the genetic predisposition to obesity.

The health risks associated with weight gain and obesity are well documented. Awareness is increasing throughout the general population and there is a movement towards better health. Nutrition and dietary information is readily available and more people are taking the recommendations seriously.

Scientists are researching and developing new products to help in the battle against being fat. More effective dietary or nutritional supplements are available to  suppress appetites and boost metabolism. Weight loss programs are flooding the marketplace and offering products that may or may not have scientific data to substantiate their claims.

Before starting any weight loss program you should consult your physician to make sure that you can safely take the products or follow the plan. Another rule of thumb is research the products and claims for yourself. Google is a great place to find information. Once you have satisfied yourself that the product works and is safe for you take you can start your journey to a slimmer you, better health and making healthy choices.

Healthy choices [] Everyone wants to look better, feel better and have more money. Starting a health and wellness business has many advantages. Achieve better health and earn commissions by sharing your wellness experience with others. Quality products based on scientific studies create a win-win-win business opportunity.

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Getting Healthy For a Better Life

I made the conscious decision about two months ago; that decision was to take the faithful headfirst leap into getting my mind and body back into shape. I had no idea that what I was getting into was going to be both physically and emotionally draining. I had come to the conclusion that being tired and uncomfortable all of the time was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

About a year and a half earlier I had made another life altering decision, to return to school and pursue a degree in Literature. These two decisions I had made at the ages of 45 and 47 respectfully. The age factor alone was going to make these decisions difficult to achieve. School went well at first, but as time went on my energy level had begun to deplete. This in turn resulted in a negative affect on my studies. I no longer had the desire to continue with school, or at least give it my full attention. Another factor of being overweight was how it makes sitting in the desks very uncomfortable. I had very little wiggle room while sitting, and if I dropped something on the floor I was better off leaving it there then taking the time to get in and out of the desk to pick what ever it was that had dropped.

Finally on July 6th I decided to take the plunge and start my quest to get healthy. It has been eighteen days now, and though I have lost weight it has been a tough journey to this point. I do not remember a time in my life when my body has gone through so much pain other than when I went through Navy Boot Camp in 1981. The pain is constant, but I realize that it took my body a long time to get in the shape that is in now, and it is going to take some time for it to get used to doing the things that it is now not used to doing. The nutrition part I do like though. I am learning to eat for the fuel and not for the sweet and fatty taste that I have been used to for all these years. Changing the way I eat has given me more energy and has actually caused me to lose weight.

This new way of life for me is a huge change. I realize that getting older does not necessarily mean that you have to lay down and take what ever life throws at you, for instance getting sick and having to be constantly on medication. I am going to use writing about this experience as a means to help me get through this. Writing about this experience will help me to see the progression from day one all the way through to the end of the program.

Stay Healthy – Get the Right Supplements

We live in the 21st century, where things have been changing at a rate we can never actually expect. Just a decade ago, we never expected that the technology that we have seen in Star Wars or Star Trek can be a reality for centuries ahead. Now, we can even use some of those at our own home. Well, I am not going to talk about technology but sometimes that we need to understand it and start using it.

In this fast paced era, people are getting too busy chasing wealth without realising that in order to make more money and enjoy it, they need to stay alive. Seriously, when we work to hard we often forget about our health especially what our body really needs and in the end, we die without having the chance to use the money earned.

One of the harmful substances that would eventually create harm to our well being is free radicals. Free radicals, which are by-products of our body interaction with oxygen, can create harmful damages to our body. It can also comes from the air, water and food we take each and everyday. These killers are everywhere you just cannot avoid them. Some of the known diseases that can be linked to the effects of free radicals are heart disease, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. How do they do it? They attack our 63 trillion cells, damage it and accelerate our aging process. Sounds scary? But, it is the fact.

So, what do we need to stay healthy? One thing for sure, we do need vitamins and minerals as mentioned by a medical doctor that I read about.

“Everyday, our body needs 90 essential nutrients. Our body cannot manufacture it and we must consume it everyday as food and supplements. If you miss them, you will get some horrible collection of diseases mainly will be life threatening” the doctor said.

Another thing that we need to be healthy are antioxidants. These are actually “free radical scavengers” as they feed on these free radicals. To measure their effectiveness, we use Oxygen Radicals Absorption Capacity value. The higher the value the better it is. Another good thing about antioxidants is that not only it helps prevent but also repair damages done by these free radicals.

So, I can say that in order to stay healthy you need to get your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can get vitamins from your daily intake of food such as fruits and vegetables. However, you can only get all those essential vitamin and minerals with a carefully customised diet. This is not easy, especially when we need to cope with the fast paced environment we are in. One, good solution is to get nutritional supplements which contains all those essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

How to Control Really Thin Hair

There is a multitude of reasons as to why the loss or thinning of hair will occur. Things like medication and hereditary traits cause really thin hair, but this can all be countered or masked with a few simple tips.

Products that are designed to add volume is a perfect remedy. They are different than normal brand products, since they don’t contain things that will weigh your hair down, but instead will help support the follicles.

Fine hair is more prone to getting dirtier on a daily basis. Therefore it is very important to always shampoo and use a volumizing conditioner every shower opportunity. When the hair gets dirty, it becomes heavy and brittle, making it more prone to break off.

Avoid using harmful tools such as curling irons and flat irons. Putting heat to thin hair can cause a lot of damage and cause the hair to be weak. With a limited amount of scalp abuse, it will begin to grow back and flourish on the head. If the hair can stay moisturized and unharmed, it will be able to survive on a scalp much longer.

A diet can directly effect how healthy hair is. There are certain vitamins, mainly A, B, C and E, that can really promote growth. Along with a healthy diet, casual physical interaction with your scalp is also recommended. Certain oils, even olive oil, that are applied and then massaged into the scalp can really make a scalp happy.

The most fun and effective way to remedy really thin hair is to find a customized, suitable hair style. Salons are the best place to search out help for a way to hide hair thinness and extenuate the positive aspects.

Of course, just like everything else in life, a stress-free and exercise-filled life is the healthiest of all. Smoking also constricts blood vessels movement to the scalp, which hinders the health of the hair. There are many benefits to quitting, and this is but just one. Not only will this promote a more full head of thick hair, but also a healthier lifestyle overall.

There are many natural and even fun ways to remedy the plague that is thin hair. It does not have to be a curse, and there will always be something else to try, even if everything else before it did not work. The most important thing to remember is to always stay positive, and always be confident in your ability to take control.

Let Healthy Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine Be Your Food – Get Healthy By Eating

The headlines in the news about health issues are disturbing these days. Recalls on pharmaceutical prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs; stories about cough medicine for children no longer being considered safe. You hear about eggs and other foods being recalled. We’re hearing more and more about antibiotic resistance and superbugs like MRSA. We have been bombarded with scary stories about swine flu and urged to get flu shots. New guidelines are being created for school lunches because we have an obesity epidemic.

If you read the news too much you could get seriously depressed. The news often seems to play on our fears and focus on the negative. Something else that I find unsettling is that stories on TV news programs are presented as news reports when they are actually promoting a prescription drug or medicine. Is it news or is it another commercial? The lines are getting blurred. And speaking of commercials, every other commercial is for a drug. I can’t help but laugh when they start the disclaimers, saying the drug may cause everything from seizures to death. Are you kidding me? I would have to be pretty desperate to take that drug.

Actually, I am currently not on any medication and I avoid over-the-counter meds, doctors and hospitals. They have a tendency to make you sick. I’m not kidding. My lifestyle is serving me very well in matters of health. I’m convinced that eating fresh healthy foods, and staying as far from drugs and medicines, fast food and processed foods as I can is keeping me very healthy. I live a very busy life but I don’t have any real exercise routine. When the snow is not covering the sidewalks, my husband and I like to go for walks. So I’m not perfect. I could lose 5 or 10 pounds and exercise more. But my belief is that you can build up your immune system by eating healthy food and go even further to cure many ailments by helping your body with nutrition.

Your body is powerful if you feed it properly. It cannot work well on bad food. Food can cleanse your body and give it everything it needs to fight and kill almost any harmful germs it comes into contact with. Germs are not the problem. Your immune system is. Strengthen your immune system and it will keep you healthy. Drugs usually weaken your immune system, which is your body’s best asset.

How Injuries Accelerate Aging

The thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to leave their mark in memory. Memory largely guides our behaviors in life, doesn’t it? Our ability to move skillfully depends on our memory of how to do skillful movements, doesn’t it? So, the memory of injuries, particularly cumulative injuries, has a lot to do with how we retain or lose our agility and physical prowess.

The rise and fall of tension and relaxation correspond to our responses to circumstances and also to our memories and imaginings. The impressions of life leave their mark on us as tensions that ebb and flow, but largely accumulate through a lifetime until one day we may suddenly realize we don’t have the energy we once did, that we are tired and feel old. Many believe the pain and stiffness of aging is permanent – when it is often reversible.

Muscular tension ages us even more than osteoporosis or other medical conditions. Muscular tension makes us shorter, or pulls us to one side in the limp of injury, or forward in the stoop of aging or into the swayback of endless effort and pride. It compresses joints, makes us stiff, makes us achy, makes movement laborious, uses up our energy.

Life leaves its marks on us – and as much as we seek to overcome them, we also cherish them as a signs of worldliness or badges of courage.

Consider: many consider the wisdom of age to be knowledge about life – which means the knowledge of what to look out for, how to act, how to react, a state of readiness for life. It’s based on memory, not just at the mental or emotional level, but also at the level of the body.

Every stressor causes us to cringe, to tense, involuntarily, in readiness to protect ourselves from further stress, insult or injury. That state of readiness is a heightened state of tension, not a state of innocent openness. Feel the stiffness of middle age or see the stoop of old age and you see that tension dragging someone down until, in fear of falling, they stoop further forward to decrease the distance of a feared fall and so become even more prone to falling. And, in nature, that final fall is down into death.

“The thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to” accumulate as nervous tension, changes of movement, and self-limitation. The term, “nervous tension,” has to do with more than psychology; it also has to do with the sales of pain medications and with the aches and pains of aging.

These shocks need not accumulate. Aging need not be what it commonly is. All memories outlive their usefulness, sooner or later. Many, sooner. Every injury you have had, every stress period, contributes to your physical aging. You can prevent the accumulation of injuries and stress from overcoming you by grooming yourself of their effects – something best done on a regular basis.

A way exists, through somatic education a new discipline in the field of health care. Most people have what, in real estate, is called, “deferred maintenance” – the accumulation of unrepairable wear and tear. That wear and tear must first be repaired before self-maintenance is meaningful.

So, with most people, the procedures of somatic education first do the deferred maintenance, the “repairs” you need, then teach you how to maintain yourself in good condition. If you eliminate the accumulated effects of the thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to, you can recover the vitality, freedom, and pleasure in movement that you had when you were younger, that you see most in children at play and young adults.

You’ll never be a child, again, but you can recover the natural pleasure of free movement, of a vital life.
Aging can take a different course, with you, a graceful one.

Healthy Choices That Last a Lifetime

Healthy choices are becoming more popular as the baby boomer generation enter their senior years. Advances in the medical arena have increased overall longevity. Boomers are not settling for just getting older. They want to be healthy and able to enjoy life in their golden years. Lifestyle changes are taking the place of a lifetime of indulgence and boomers are making healthy choices.

The medical community is putting greater emphasis on health and wellness. More medical research is being done on the process of health. Studies in nutrition and nutritional products is revealing more and more benefits that nutraceuticals bring into our life. Daily vitamins and minerals are being recommended to maintain our bodies at optimal health.

Exercise on a regular basis plays a big role on healthy aging. Regular exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy weight. Studies into the effects of exercise on the body are finding some unexpected benefits. The findings of a recent study about exercise and aging concluded that even light exercise practiced on a consistent basis can improve memory and concentration.

Prevention and natural healing is growing in popularity. After all, it is much easier to prevent disease than it is to try and treat it. Research is proving that the natural and home remedies of yesteryear actually work. Evidence and scientific studies is responsible for the development of some very powerful natural products.

Evidence is growing about the health properties that is inherent in most of the foods we eat. We have known for many years that certain foods we eat Organic farming and natural products go hand in hand. Companies are starting to build up their arsenal of health promoting products that allows people to make healthy choices.


Thiamine Deficiency

Thiamine – Vitamin B1

Thiamine, which is also known as vitamin B1, is an essential vitamins for human body to function optimally. Human body needs variety of different essential nutrients for survival and optimal health, and most of these essential nutrients are provided by our diet. Vitamins and minerals comprise the major composition of these required nutrients and we have to make sure that we are getting adequate amounts of these vitamins to prevent any unwanted medical disorders which are briefly outlined below.

Thiamine has variety of function in our body but the major and most important function of them all is the metabolization of sugars in our body. Thiamine acts as a coenzyme in many different enzymatic reactions. Most of these enzymatic reactions are responsible for the cellular metabolism. Mentioned enzymatic reactions form very complex reaction pathways, and the end result of such enzymatic pathways provides the cell with the needed energy.

In the presence of thiamine, vitamin B1, cells are able to convert energy from different sources and store them inside. This stored energy can then be used to perform all the complex biological tasks that cells need to perform to be alive.

Thiamine belongs to the b complex group of vitamins and these vitamins are water soluble. Water solubility or hydrophilicity of this vitamin means that it can be easily excreted from the body as it can dissolve in water. Water-insoluble vitamins, on the other hand, can not be excreted out of body easily and are usually stored in the liver.

Generally, if thiamine is consumed in slightly greater amounts, it is easily excreted from the body without doing much damage.

Deficiency Due to Thiamine

Especially if prolonged, thiamine deficiency can cause a variety of medical disorders. Some of the disorders caused by thiamine deficiency can be debilitating, but most of them can be cured by increased thiamine intake.

Deficiency can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Some reason for thiamine deficiency include imbalanced diet and the administration of drugs which negatively react with thiamine.

Preventing Thiamine Deficiency

Thiamine deficiency can be prevented by eating a well balanced diet. Well balanced diet is the one that includes most of the essential nutrients that you need.

Health ministries of different countries release upper and lower limits of most vitamins, which indicate the maximum and minimum amount of specific vitamins and minerals you need daily.

In order to prevent medical disorders due to thiamine deficiency, food sources rich in thiamine should be added to the diet.

7 Bad Eating Habits You Should Change Immediately

People are obsessed with dieting and weight loss! Don’t believe
me? Just tune-in to any source of advertising…you’re instantly
bombarded with the latest diet schemes and “Hollywood” food

Here in America, we have built a thriving industry trying to
control our weight and treat the consequences of over-indulgence.
The cost of weight loss and obesity related health care
treatments is staggering…Americans alone spend around $114
billion every year! And even with all this interest in losing
weight, we continue to pack on the pounds like never before…

– A whopping 64 percent of U.S. adults are either overweight or
obese…up about eight percent from earlier estimates.

– Among children and teens ages 6-19, 15 percent or almost nine
million are overweight…triple the rate in 1980!

– Nearly one-third of all adults are now classified as obese.

For Americans, modern life may be getting TOO easy. Our cushy
lifestyle means we expend less energy and consequently need fewer
calories to sustain our normal body weight.

Think about it for a moment…

Entertainment no longer requires energy expenditure. In fact,
it’s usually quite the opposite. We now entertain ourselves in
the comfort of our own home while watching TV and munching on our
favorite snack. Whether it’s television, computers, remote
controls, or automobiles, we are moving less and burning fewer
calories. Common activities that were once a part of our normal
routine have disappeared…activities like climbing stairs,
pushing a lawn mower or walking to get somewhere.

And please do not misunderstand me…I appreciate comfortable
living just as much as the next person. But, here is the

With all of our modern day conveniences and “cushy” style of
living we have not adjusted our caloric intake to compensate for
our decreased caloric expenditure. We consume more calorie rich
and nutrient deficient foods than ever before. Consider a few of
the following examples comparing what we eat “today” vs the
1970’s (U.S. Department of Agriculture survey):

– We are currently eating more grain products, but almost all of
them are refined grains (white bread, etc.). Grain consumption
has jumped 45 percent since the 1970’s, from 138 pounds of grains
per person per year to 200 pounds! Only 2 percent of the wheat
flour is consumed as whole wheat.

– Our consumption of fruits and vegetables has increased, but
only because French fries and potato chips are included as
vegetables. Potato products account for almost a third of our
“produce” choices.

– We’re drinking less milk, but we’ve more than doubled our
cheese intake. Cheese now outranks meat as the number one source
of saturated fat in our diets.

– We’ve cut back on red meat, but have more than made up for the
loss by increasing our intake of chicken (battered and fried), so
that overall, we’re eating 13 pounds more meat today than we did
back in the 1970’s.

– We’re drinking three times more carbonated soft drinks than
milk, compared to the 1970’s, when milk consumption was twice
that of pop.

– We use 25 percent less butter, but pour twice as much vegetable
oil on our food and salads, so our total added fat intake has
increased 32 percent.

– Sugar consumption has been another cause of our expanding
waistlines. Sugar intake is simply off the charts. People are
consuming roughly twice the amount of sugar they need each day,
about 20 teaspoons on a 2000 calorie/day diet. The added sugar is
found mostly in junk foods, such as pop, cake, and cookies. In
1978, the government found that sugars constituted only 11
percent of the average person’s calories. Now, this number has
ballooned to 16 percent for the average American adult and as
much as 20 percent for American teenagers!

Unfortunately, it would seem that the days of wholesome and
nutritious family dinners are being replaced by fast food and
eating on-the-run. We have gradually come to accept that it’s
“OK” to sacrifice healthy foods for the sake of convenience and
that larger serving portions equate to better value.

It’s time recognize that we are consuming too many calories and
time to start doing something about it! Each of us can decide
TODAY that healthy eating and exercise habits WILL become a
normal part of our life!

We can begin by exploring our values, thoughts and habits…
slowly and deliberately weed-out the unhealthy habits and
activities and start living a more productive and rewarding life.
And remember, it has taken a long time to develop bad habits, so
be patient as you work toward your goal!

The information contained in this article is for educational purposes
only and is not intended to medically diagnose, treat or cure any
disease. Consult a health care practitioner before beginning any
health care program.

How to Pay For a Light Weight Mobility Scooter – Three Avenues to Pursue

One can quickly lose the joy of life when confined into a house due to a mobility issue. But you can get that joy back by selecting a mobility scooter, especially a light weight mobility scooter. The question comes up, who will pay for it? In the US there are several options. We’ll investigate the three most common options of getting your mobility vehicle paid for: Medicaid and Medicare, and private insurance.

Medicare or Medicaid

Prior to 2005 Medicare and Medicaid would not even consider allowing a purchase of a mobility vehicle regardless of the reasons. However, before 2005 there was a study commissioned which showed that, when the patient would receive a mobility scooter, their cost to Medicare over the following three years would be lower by several thousands of dollars. So Medicare and Medicaid started to allow purchases of mobility scooters for the insureds who needed them.

Of course, to get a medical scooter paid by Medicare or Medicaid, you need to follow strict rules set forth by them. Your first steps after figuring out what medical scooter would best suit your needs would be to contact your doctor. He will give you a prescription as this is how the system works.

The physician will assess your situation and write you a prescription for a medical scooter. He or she must be convinced that you need the scooter for mobility inside your home.

Your physician has to write that you have the capacity, mental and physical, to operate the scooter, and that you can get in and out of it on your own. You need to have good vision and upper body strength. Finally, the doctor must mention that the scooter fits into your house, that is, it has to be able to operate in your home, as this is one of the Medicare requirements.

When your documentation is received by Medicare, they will send an approval of purchase. According to the current law, the reimbursement is 80% after deductible on the accepted price of the scooter.

Getting your lightweight mobility scooter through a private insurance

There is no hard rules here. Best check with the documents that you received when you signed up as for the mobility devices.

The deductibles, eligibility should be spelled out in the manual you received from the insurance company. Read up on it and head on to see your doctor.

These are the possibilities that you can have a light weight mobility scooter paid for in part by Medicaid, Medicare, or a private insurance. Of course your mobility is priority number one.

Finances matter, too. So be sure to explore each possible way of getting your scooter paid for. Worst comes to worse, you may have to finance it yourself. Thank goodness for the internet. You can compare prices, features, on your new light weight mobility scooter choices, all without leaving home.